Corporate Philanthropy Impacts Education in Kolkata, India

Corporate Philanthropy Impacts Education in Kolkata, India

The power of corporate philanthropy to drive impactful change is evident as skilled volunteers from Adobe completed two pro bono projects to support Ek Tara, an education-focused nonprofit working throughout Kolkata, India. Adobe’s corporate philanthropy seamlessly aligns with Team4Tech’s impactful employee volunteering programs. Together, they enact two of Adobe’s corporate social responsibility pillars, including:

  • Technology to Transform, and
  • Creativity for All.

The most recent projects with Adobe Skilled Volunteers with Ek Tara will benefit over 3,000 engaged students annually.

Team4Tech Design Workshop Empowers Solutions through Corporate Philanthropy

In February, 66 skilled Adobe volunteers contributed 360 hours as part of a Team4Tech Design Workshop with Ek Tara. The volunteers learned about Ek Tara’s programs and recommended improvements through technology, focusing on tracking student growth and streamlining operations. Skilled volunteers suggested solutions for centralizing data, simplifying reporting, facilitating communication, and integrating tools to enhance the educational experience. 

The ideas and solutions generated during the design workshop informed a follow-up strategic pro bono project. By leveraging their professional skills, Adobe volunteers assisted Ek Tara in strengthening their learning center program.   

Strategic Pro Bono Project Supports Technology Integration

Fifteen Adobe volunteers continued support for Ek Tara through a strategic pro bono project. The skilled volunteers split into teams focused on developing a platform for organizing and sharing learning materials, creating a framework for improved data collection and reporting, and curating Adobe tutorials to incorporate creative and technical skills into the curriculum. The corporate philanthropy commitments of Adobe made this collaboration possible.

Through the Team4Tech projects, Adobe volunteers gained valuable leadership experience while accelerating Ek Tara’s impact. The solutions and resources developed will help Ek Tara improve operations, better track student progress, and enhance learner programs. By joining forces, Adobe’s corporate philanthropy goals and Team4Tech’s facilitated and impactful programs have provided sustainable global contributions to education. With corporate partners like Adobe, Team4Tech continues to accelerate the impact of education-focused nonprofit organizations globally.