Technology Integration with Reap Benefit

Technology Solutions to Build Youth Engagement 

India will lose 34 million jobs by 2030 due to global warming. With that, 53% of adolescents will not be equipped to thrive in the evolving world due to the lack of 21st-century education and problem-solving skills. In India, 370 million youth need the support to navigate through the significant climate and civic challenges.

Activate Youth Civic and Social Entrepreneurs

Reap Benefit aims to activate the agency of India’s youth to empower 3.5% youth to become local leaders, build resilient communities, and systematically address 12 of 17 SDG goals. The mission is to enable 10 million action-oriented youth by 2030 with relevant 21st-century skills & knowledge to address climate and civic issues.

Reap Benefit and Team4Tech Digitize Curriculum

Partnering with Team4Tech, Reap Benefit aims to use low-code standard technology, behavior science, AI, and machine learning to strengthen the Solve Ninja Platform. Team4Tech will support the organization’s efforts in digitizing the curriculum, enhancing data visualization tools to assist in data-driven decision-making, curating behavioral nudges, and creating more inclusive learning methods.

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