Skill Advancement with Learners in Cambodia

Improving School Enrollment Rates

Cambodia’s rural and low-income youth have low school enrollment rates, posing difficulties in integrating into the labor market due to limited education and training. Aside from poverty, remoteness, and limited access to technical resources and infrastructure, there are limited solutions to address the problem, resulting in an inability to equip students with the necessary digital skills.

Access to Employment in Cambodia

Passerelles Numériques (PN) develops employability, allowing youths and their families to escape poverty and contribute to their communities and country’s socio-economic development. Through PN, under-resourced youth have access to quality education and vocational training in the digital sector while striving to reduce gender inequality.

Team4Tech Enhances Passerelles Numériques Operational Approach

Through the partnership with Team4Tech, Passerelles Numériques will receive technical training, coaching, and expertise to help them achieve their mission to increase access to skills for the under-resourced in the communities they serve. This collaboration will help PN develop online teaching and remote learning tools as well as to improve monitoring and evaluation practices.

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