Man working on touchscreen tablet

Creating Employment Opportunities in Rural Communities with DigitalNEST

Project Type: Virtual

When: Flexible

The rural, agricultural-based cities of Watsonville and Salinas were historically locked out of the economic opportunity and digital innovation brought by the tech to other California communities. The people of these cities lack adequate access to technology, which greatly impacts their opportunities, connections, and ability to prosper in the workforce.

DigitalNEST connects youth to a skill-building community that transforms them into professionals who can create successful careers, innovative solutions, and prosperous communities. DigitalNEST’s Job Training and Career Development programs help youth in high school to 24 years of age become competitive for entry-level-but-career-track jobs with good starting pay and lots of opportunities for promotion.

Project Opportunity: DigitalNEST is in the process of integrating all its digital solutions and is interested in leveraging a team of volunteers:

  • Support in the selection and integration of a new learning management system
  • Build internal dashboards to help share data cleanly, accurately, and efficiently for DigitalNEST’s programming, business, and development metrics
  • Create a cross-platform active directory; support in the selection and integration of a cross-platform, enterprise software solution that will allow for scalability

Impact: DigitalNEST has empowered over 2,200 teens and young adults, who have secured over 100 job, internship, and school placements since 2014.