Bringing Digital Skills into Education

Strengthening Education Service Delivery

In Arunachal Pradesh (India), 43% of the students and 90% of schools have limited access to digital devices and internet connectivity (India, (NAS 2021). This impedes teacher productivity and weakens the foundation of a child’s learning. Moreover, the limitations of getting real-time data hinder the ability of government officials to make informed decisions and take remedial action.

Technology Transform Education

Reach to Teach (RTT) strives to improve education outcomes through a system-strengthening approach focusing on revamping curriculum, building capacities of system actors, and strengthening governance through robust data and management systems.

Enabling Data-driven Decision Making with Team4Tech

Team4Tech will work collaboratively toward assisting RTT in technology solution design by creating a knowledge hub of digital resources to encourage tech-enabled teaching and learning.  Exploring appropriate technology solutions, connecting with partners involved in similar edtech implementation spaces, and finding ways to collect systemic data and generate insights will help bring accountability and transparency to RTT’s work.

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