Many nonprofits are integrating technology into their work model, and we want to be there to support you.

Team4Tech is currently looking for new mission-aligned education nonprofit partners. Our call for applications is open from April 1 until June 11, 2021.

Strengthening Nonprofits Through Impactful Training

Of nonprofit staff and teachers who have participated in Team4Tech training:


report increased technology knowledge and skills


strongly recommend Team4Tech’s training


report increased productivity due to improved technology skills

Based on responses from 628 survey participants from 2018–19 projects.

Team4Tech partners with local nonprofit organizations for 3-5 years to support them in achieving their own goals through technology integration for education impact. Team4Tech builds capacity with nonprofits to use technology effectively and develop skills including:

  • Digital literacy
  • Basic literacy and numeracy
  • Coding, making, and robotics
  • Creative problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship and financial literacy
  • Workforce development

Team4Tech Builds Long-Term Partnerships

“Throughout our long-term partnership, Team4Tech has been a catalyst in helping us increase impact for students.”

~ Tad Kincaid, Program Director, Kidspire Vietnam

Our Skills Roadmap


Digital Literacy

Build digital literacy skills to become confident using technology


Core Subject

Integrate educational software into teaching and learning to improve math and literacy skills


Lifelong Learning

Use project-based learning to promote creative problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and entrepreneurship

To learn more about the research undergirding Team4Tech’s model, download our whitepaper.

Nonprofits Receive

  • 15,000 USD Tech Grant*

  • Technology Solutions

  • Implementation & Training

* on-site and virtual projects only


  • Leadership Buy-in

  • Dedicated Local Staff

  • Ongoing Impact Assessment

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Next Steps

To learn more about how our collaborations are structured, download our Nonprofit Onboarding Kit.