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Organizational Overview

Team4Tech is dedicated to helping our nonprofit partners reach their goals related to technology integration for positive education impact. We provide support in the form of capacity building and matching technology grants. For example, our pro bono projects can help with hybrid or distance learning plans, digitization of curriculum, setting up learning management systems, or technical capacity building and professional development for staff.


Because we know that affecting sustainable change in education takes time, we ideally work with our nonprofit partners for three to five years. Initially, we spend several months in conversation with the nonprofit partner, defining the desired outcomes of the collaboration and the corresponding indicators to measure progress. From there, we work together to scope out specific projects that are ultimately pitched to corporate partners for volunteer matching. These projects take a variety of forms including virtual, hybrid, and on-site options. In addition to support through projects, Team4Tech partners are also eligible for up to $15,000 per year of matching technology grant funding, and are invited to join Team4Tech's Community of Practice.

Throughout our partnership, we ask our nonprofit partners to meet regularly with Team4Tech to report on metrics such as learner growth, learner engagement, and staff productivity - to ensure progress towards sustainability and scale. 

To help us evaluate whether your organization could be a good fit for Team4Tech support, please complete the form below. For more information on our criteria, processes, and metrics please consult our nonprofit partner page and Nonprofit Onboarding Kit.

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