Our Impact

Since 2013, Team4Tech has supported more than 30 nonprofits in building capacity through technology and training to improve education and economic opportunities for over 80,000 underserved learners in 19 countries.


Team4Tech selects innovative local nonprofit partners with strong education programs and helps amplify their impact through technology grants and pro bono consulting projects over three to five years. The ultimate goal is to advance progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.4: to substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills — including technical and vocational skills — for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship. To learn more about our theory of change, read our whitepaper.

Measuring Impact: Strengthening Local Education Capacity

Child smiling behind laptop

Teacher Productivity

92% of teachers report increased productivity due to improved technology skills, allowing them more time to focus on student learning.

Learner Engagement

In just one year, the number of STEM student exhibitions grew 40% at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology.

Learner Growth

72% of LEAP Science and Maths Schools students now attend university, compared to less than 5% of black South African students nationally.

Sustainability & Scale

Team4Tech partnered with CARE to integrate technology into rural schools in Cambodia. The Ministry of Education plans to scale the program across all Cambodian schools by 2025.

Building Nonprofit Capacity

Kidspire works to improve opportunities for children in government orphanages in Vietnam through after-school technology and leadership programs. Since 2014, Team4Tech has helped Kidspire build capacity through technology grants and workshops. As a result, Kidspire students are now staying in school longer, attending university and getting better jobs.


Building STEM Skills for a Better Future

LEAP Science and Maths Schools provide a high quality education for underserved secondary students in the townships of South Africa.  Since 2014, Team4Tech has supported LEAP teachers and students in advancing their STEM skills from digital literacy to coding.  Students from LEAP recently entered and won 3rd place in a robotics competition.

Empowering Girls

Since 2017, Team4Tech has partnered with Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology, a STEM-focused secondary school in Rwanda that serves a socioeconomically diverse population of girls. After attending a Team4Tech coding workshop and hearing of a classmate’s police bribery incident, three girls used technology skills to fight back by creating and patenting an Anti Korruption App.


Activating Changemakers

After his project, Team4Tech Fellow Nick Heaton from Cadence Design Systems joined the board of Women in Tech Uganda (WITU), helped them launch a microloan program for women entrepreneurs, and raised money to feed families living in the slums of Kampala during the COVID 19 crisis.


Team4Tech’s 2019 Impact Report

Read about how Team4Tech enabled education nonprofits around the world to build capacity and expand opportunities for underserved learners.

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