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Cambodian Children’s Fund Supports Children and Families

Since 2004, the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) serves children and their families in extreme poverty who survive by scavenging at the (now closed) Steung Meanchey garbage dump. CCF provides holistic support for over 2,000 children and their families through education, healthcare, and vocational training. During the pandemic, Team4Tech supported their efforts through a project involving virtual mentorship with Adobe.

Adobe Expands Upon 2019 Work and Sponsors Community Projects

Team4Tech Fellows (Adobe employee volunteers) went to Cambodia in 2019 to support CCF’s education programs to advance the digital media skills of teachers and students. Adobe donated 50 Adobe CC licenses to CCF and the Fellows provided workshops to train teachers and students in these tools.

Building upon the 2019 project, another team of Adobe Team4Tech Fellows continued to support CCF’s staff and teachers through a virtual mentorship program in 2020. Some of these staff members are now working toward becoming an Adobe Certified Associate and would be the first to achieve this in all of Cambodia. Adobe provided fee waivers for the ACA exam process and additionally, Adobe Stock provided 500 credits for CCF to use in its organizational and instructional materials.

Although schools have been closed across Cambodia due to the pandemic, CCF took this opportunity to engage small groups of students in community projects to hone their digital art skills. Students were able to use tablets funded by the Team4Tech grant, replacing costly consumables such as ink, lead, brushes, canvases, paint, etc.

Involving Kids in Art through Traditional Designs and Animation

  • Girls Community is a place where some of CCF’s students reside during the school year. For the project, students first learned how to digitally design traditional Khmer Kbach Art. They spent over one month designing and printing out the artwork. As a result, their design concepts will be used to create a new mural for the Girls Community celebrating traditional styles of Cambodian art infused with new mediums.
  • Animation competition: CCF’s students made various animations addressing community issues. The animation videos were produced in Khmer (local language). One example was the animation “Pencil Case,” a story addressing materialism – a growing issue students wanted to address through creative storytelling. 
  • The Community Health Messaging Project was designed to raise awareness and disseminate health messaging videos, aligning with WHO and government guidelines focused on Covid-19 prevention and disinfection. The videos were produced by a group of CCF’s secondary students to practice what they have learned about digital media and contribute back to their community. The videos were produced in Khmer (local language) and are now being shared by the government and other community leaders.

As a result of Adobe’s sponsorship of the Team4Tech project supporting the Cambodian Children’s Fund and the work of the Adobe Team4Tech Fellows, students are now sharpening digital media skills that unlock educational and economic opportunities. 

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