Unlocking Potential for Guatemala’s Next Generation of Girl Pioneers

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Challenge: Maya women and girls are considered the most marginalized group in Guatemala as fewer than 20% complete high school and only an average of four years of schooling. In Sololá, the city where MAIA operates, 57% are married or have become mothers by the time they are 18, which significantly hinders the ability of indigenous women and girls to reach their fullest potential and become active leaders of their community and country. 

MAIA Solution: The MAIA Impact School is Central America’s only school explicitly designed to connect the talents of poor, rural, female, indigenous Maya students with the opportunities of 21st-century education and four long-term goals for every student: 

  • Economic Autonomy – earn at least a minimum wage in the formal economy
  • Lifelong Learning — complete an average of 15 years of formal schooling
  • Her Family, Her Terms — prevent early marriage and motherhood
  • Empowered to Empower — become leaders to create a more equitable society

MAIA & Team4Tech Partnership Goals: Team4Tech will help MAIA develop standards and content as well as coaching for educators to support integrating technology into the classrooms. Team4Tech will help them create spaces with sustainable internet access for girls to have access to technology for learning.  Team4Tech will also help MAIA educators identify skills to prepare girls for vocational success.  


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