Tanzania Education Corporation

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Challenge: In Tanzania, only 30% of youth 14–17 years are enrolled in secondary education, and only 3% are enrolled for the final two years of schooling. Less than 10% of primary school children achieve foundational learning outcomes such as literacy, numeracy, and life skills needed for further education.

Tanzania Education Corporation’s Solution: In partnership with Tumaini Schools, Tanzania Education Corp provides a top-tier education to over 1,100 pre-primary to secondary students.  The schools have been ranked in the top 1% of schools in the district and serve as a model for government schools in the area with their enhanced curriculum that includes project-based learning and STEM resources.

Team4Tech and Tanzania Education Corporation (TEC) Impact Goals: TEC partnered with Team4Tech to establish a foundation of technology literacy amongst the teachers and student body at Tumaini Schools. Incorporating technology into teaching and learning will also facilitate a smooth transition for students to the university and increase the capacity of the staff through professional development resources and opportunities. The goal is to equip staff with the skills to source, access, and online research resources to diversify their lesson delivery and incorporate a wider range of resources to supplement the government curriculum.

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