Providing an Alternative Path to Learning for Middle Eastern Youths

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Problem Statement: In Jordan, over 112,000 young people do not attend basic education, and an additional 40,000 children are at risk of dropping out every year (UNICEF), leading to a large cohort of young people without sufficient education and the means to pursue meaningful unemployment. Covid-19 has only made pursuing an education more difficult as only 67% of households in Jordan have the internet, leaving many children and youth without access to online learning. 

Questscope’s Solution: Since 2004, in partnership with the Jordan Ministry of Education (MoE), Questscope has provided a certified non-formal education (NFE) pathway for girls ages 13-20 and boys ages 13-18 who are unable to study in formal schools. Questscope’s accelerated program includes official curricula content with teaching practices that emphasize youth participation and agency and offer the flexibility to adapt to learners’ individual needs. Over the past 17 years, Questscope has served over 25,000 youth through its NFE Program. 

Questscope & Team4Tech Partnership Goals: Questscope’s partnership with Team4Tech comes at a critical time in their organizational development as they are pivoting towards developing digital learning solutions for marginalized youth across Jordan. Questscope’s goal is to build and roll out a learning management system (LMS) for their certified NFE program across Jordan.  The LMS will strengthen the quality of education for marginalized youth in Jordan, improve the learning experience, and increase the number of youth able to access and continue in NFE.

The launch of this LMS will require changes through all their teams—including programs, monitoring and evaluation, curriculum development, operations, and IT/admin—to ensure that they can maximize the impact of the LMS on the learning outcomes of NFE learners. This pivot will require new hardware and software, new systems, and capacity building among Questscope staff and partner communities. More broadly, Questscope is dedicated to leveraging technology to contribute to our social development mission.


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