Pathways out of Poverty in Kenya with Flying Kites

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Problem Statement: Kenya’s recent emergence as a hub for technology innovation has earned it the nickname “Silicon Savanna.” Nairobi is buzzing with investment, incubators, computer labs, and training programs. But the road to Silicon Savanna is not yet paved for students and families in rural areas.

Limited access to technology is only part of the problem. Only 35% of primary school teachers in rural Kenya possess the skills necessary for the curriculum they teach, according to the World Bank. Without foundational knowledge, these rural school children lack the ability to escape poverty. 

Flying Kites Solution:  The Flying Kites Teacher Training Center (TTC) in Kenya’s South Kinangop district trains educators in effective, student-centered instruction with the goal of students achieving proficiency in literacy and numeracy  to empower thousands of children with the skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty. As a result, more than 3000 vulnerable students now access a higher quality of education. But to truly tap potential in these students, Flying Kites plans to prioritize technology access and digital literacy in their impoverished district. 

Team4Tech Flying Kites Impact Goals:  Flying Kites envisions a future where rural students possess the skills and confidence to not only benefit from technology innovation in Kenya, but to emerge as contributors and leaders to the success of Silicon Savanna and their communities.

To achieve this vision, Flying Kites will partner with Team4Tech to build a Technology Resource Lab at the Flying Kites Teacher Training Center, train teachers in basic computer literacy including Microsoft and Google applications as tools to improve student engagement and learning.  Improve data management and reporting in 45 resource-poor public schools empowering school leaders to monitor and improve student outcomes.  Using a train the trainer model, the teachers will reach more than 18,000 students with digital literacy skills to position students with confidence in an increasingly tech-reliant world and remove a significant, systemic barrier that currently exists between students in rural Kenya and an interconnected world. 

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