Impact Highlights from Team4Tech’s WITU 2019 Project

 In 2019, Project Summary

74% of Ugandans between the ages of 15-25 are unemployed. The majority of them are young women who have either dropped out of school due to poverty or lack digital skills for better jobs because the public schools do not teach with technology.

In October 2019, Cadence sponsored a Team4Tech project and Cadence employee volunteers helped launch the first community-based makerspace in Uganda with the nonprofit Women in Technology Uganda (WITU). The Cadence Team4Tech team donated maker equipment and developed workshops to build WITU’s staff’s capacity to empower girls and women with technology skills. 

Since then, the impact has been amazing:

  • Nearly 200 girls and young women have participated in technology workshops that the Cadence volunteers helped the staff develop.  These workshops, ranging from digital literacy and digital marketing to 3D printing and coding, provide access to STEM skills (which are not taught in schools) and empower students to solve challenges in their community.
  • More than 70 women have developed key business and technology skills to grow their businesses through the entrepreneurship workshops designed by the Cadence team.
  • Over 100 students participated in a hackathon to learn skills such as developing a business idea and pitching to introducing technology such as 3D printing.
  • One of the Cadence volunteers, Nick Heaton, joined WITU’s board after the project. He and his Cadence colleagues have raised money to upgrade the makerspace internet, sponsor graduates from WITU’s entrepreneurship program with start-up capital, and provide food for WITU students in the slums who have been impacted due to the COVID crisis.       
  • The entrepreneurship workshops designed by the Cadence team are really changing lives. For example, they helped Nyafwono Florence develop skills to grow her business almost 300%, enabling her to send her child to a better school and also pay the school fees for her younger brother who had previously dropped out of school due to a lack of funds.
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