Creating Employment Opportunities in Rural Communities with DigitalNEST

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Problem Statement

The rural, agricultural-based cities of Watsonville and Salinas were historically locked out of the economic opportunity and digital innovation brought by the tech to other California communities. The people of these cities lack adequate access to technology, which greatly impacts their opportunities, connections, and ability to prosper in the workforce.

DigitalNEST Solution

Digital NEST is working to create sustainable and scalable technology centers in vulnerable communities all over California and beyond, creating economic equality for the residents of low-income and rural communities, teaching young people the technical skills needed to become competitive and self-sufficient in the digital future. Digital NEST has sparked a nationwide dialogue among educators, policy-makers, and the media as a model for conquering the digital divide in underserved communities throughout the U.S. The Digital NEST connects youth to a skill-building community that transforms them into professionals who can create successful careers, innovative solutions, and prosperous communities.

DigitalNEST & Team4Tech Partnership Impact Goals

DigitalNEST wants to scale to meet the needs of more students across California. As they open new sites, they need to ensure their systems can support the continuing expansion by developing some consistency coupled with local flexibility. Team4Tech wants to support Digital NEST as they prepare for this expansion and give them the tools to better use their data as well as support their students.

Some example projects might include:

  • Select and implement a Student Information System
  • Create or acquire a hosted business intelligence tool that can be used to generate reports (for all purposes: student, staff, donor, etc.) 
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