Advancing Job Prospects for Kenyan Youth with NairoBits Trust

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Problem Statement: Jobs in the digital age require digital skills. But in Kenya, only a small percentage of youth ages 15-24 actively use the internet (32%) and use a computer (15%). For these youth, limited access to technology means limited job prospects, and a limited chance at advancing socioeconomically. 

NairoBits Solution: NairoBits is a technology trust that trains low-income Kenyan youth with tech skills to thrive in the digital economy. For 20 years, NairoBits has partnered with community-based organizations to offer technology training to disadvantaged Kenyan youth aged 18-24. Upon completion, youth are linked with employment opportunities. NairoBits trains 2,000 youth annually, but envisions a future of reaching far more. 

Team4Tech NairoBits Impact Goals:  Over the next five years, NairoBits aims to train 10,000 Kenyan youth by complementing in-person training with online learning, which will allow NairoBits to scale while also saving costs. An online model will benefit many youth who cannot travel to in-person training in Nairobi, serving a wider range of youth in 15 counties in Kenya, including rural areas. To prepare youth for today’s jobs, an update of the current curriculum will include training on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Ultimately, NairoBits hopes to scale its “Bits” training model to other East African countries.

This vision is becoming a reality through NairoBits partnership with Team4Tech. In March 2021, a Team4Tech project team consulted and reviewed NairoBits’ strategic plan and developed recommendations on how NairoBits could sustainably grow their impact. The team also conducted training for NairoBits staff on Human-Centered Design techniques.

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